EP Labs

Through its long-established partner Eco-Point Laboratories Blayson offers a full range of purpose designed chemicals to support the investment casting industry.




A blend of very high purity dearomitised hydrocarbons combined with biodegradable emulsifiers and surfactants. Mould release agents are quickly and effectively removed from wax patterns in around 5 seconds, then water rinsed before application of prime coat. Trisol 60 Plus simultaneously imparts a micro etch to the wax surface which greatly improves prime coat adhesion enhancing final surface finish. Trisol 60 Plus is odour neutral and non-flammable.




A reformulated version of Trisol 60 Plus that is classified as VOC free.




A high purity silicone mould release agent presented in aerosol format. Can pressure and nozzle design are optimised for wax injection systems providing the ideal spray laydown pattern.




A high purity silicone mould release agent supplied in bulk format. For use in air assisted spray systems.




A new product recently added to the range due to popular demand. An aerosol format silicone free release agent specifically designed for the investment casting industry. Easy and efficient to use, its fully synthetic makeup quickly provides the perfect laydown for a high-quality casting finish. Virtually zero ash and provides the option to go straight from wax injecting to prime coat. Leaves behind no tacky or slippery residues on machines and floors for a safer working environment.




An aqueous floor cleaner, optimised for the wax room and supplied as a concentrate. Quickly, safely, and efficiently removes the slip risk from silicone deposits in and around walkways. Can also be used as a maintenance product for cleaning tools and equipment in the wax room.

Other Products

  • Paraffin Wax

    Paraffin wax was first created in 1830 by the German chemist Karl von Reichenbach when he tried to develop the means to efficiently separate and refine the waxy substances naturally

  • Specialist Wax

    A full range of specialist wax products are included within the range. Adhesive Wax A range of products for the assembly of pattern parts either by hand or by automated