Recycled Wax

As a pioneer and specialist in wax reclamation, Blayson is uniquely placed to offer cost effective, high quality, low ash, recycled wax materials suitable for the manufacture of a complete range of patterns and runner systems. A full range of products is available including very fluid and low melt point materials.


Blayson also offer a Wax Injection service enabling the customer recycled wax to be supplied back in ready to assemble runner and gating systems.

Other Products

  • Soluble Wax

    Soluble wax materials are a speciality of Blayson, and the range provides the benefit of excellent injection and surface finish together with zero residues on leaching. An ultraviolet dye can

  • Specialist Wax

    A full range of specialist wax products are included within the range. Adhesive Wax A range of products for the assembly of pattern parts either by hand or by automated