Soluble Wax

Soluble wax materials are a speciality of Blayson, and the range provides the benefit of excellent injection and surface finish together with zero residues on leaching. An ultraviolet dye can be added to allow inspection of the cavity to ensure complete removal. The range includes materials with and without added fibres depending on customer preference and requirements.


With a range of Wax Injection equipment and a purpose designed wax injection suite Blayson also supply soluble wax cores, this service enables the customer to focus on areas other than handling and injecting soluble wax.

Other Products

  • Virgin Wax

    Blayson supply a wide range of filled, unfilled and emulsified pattern and runner wax manufactured from the highest quality virgin raw materials. Many products are long established and available off

  • EP Labs

    Through its long-established partner Eco-Point Laboratories Blayson offers a full range of purpose designed chemicals to support the investment casting industry.  TRISOL 60 PLUS A blend of very high purity dearomitised