Virgin Wax

Blayson supply a wide range of filled, unfilled and emulsified pattern and runner wax manufactured from the highest quality virgin raw materials. Many products are long established and available off the shelf whilst others will be tailored to a specific customer demand, ranging from matching key properties of an existing wax and offering further process advantages or designing and formulating a wax material from scratch in order to meet a specific need or new requirement.

New Developments

High Filled Wax – A wax material designed specifically for markets such as IGT where piece sizes can be as large as a metre in length. The wax is proven to have good dimensional repeatability because of the high filler loading and has been engineered to have good fluidity by control of the filler particle distribution therefore reducing any stress around ceramic cores.


Fast Setting Wax – A wax material developed specifically for thin wall applications with a requirement for minimal distortion on removal from the die. The material exhibits semi plastic behaviour offering the benefits of product of die. Fast setting and strong so that on removal from the die it is effectively rigid. In addition to excellent dimensional repeatability another benefit is improved productivity.


Reduced Memory Wax – A wax material developed to have an elongated glass transition region allowing reformation of the part together with reduced wax memory on removal from the reformer. After injection and over a period the molecules within a wax will attempt to recover to their natural state. This wax material is designed to resist this process therefore offering improved dimensional stability.


Core Adhesive Wax – An advanced adhesive wax that offers a reliable, environmentally friendly, safe, and easy to use solution to the problem of wax pattern lift from concave sections of ceramic core faces of turbine blades within the investment casting process. The product was developed to have room temperature adhesive properties and can be applied to the surface of the ceramic core as a molten liquid by use of a stiff paint brush. The wax is a liquid at temperatures above 70°C and will not run off the ceramic core surface once applied.


Others – Products specifically designed for turbine blade manufacture and ultra thin sections. High fluidity wax materials to minimise stress on ceramic cores. Unfilled wax materials

Other Products

  • Wax Injection

    With a range of wax injection equipment and a purpose designed wax injection suite Blayson are able to supply injected wax runner and gating systems, typically Blayson will receive the

  • Paraffin Wax

    Paraffin wax was first created in 1830 by the German chemist Karl von Reichenbach when he tried to develop the means to efficiently separate and refine the waxy substances naturally