Virgin Wax

Blayson supply a wide range of filled, unfilled and emulsified pattern and runner wax manufactured from the highest quality virgin raw materials. Many products are long established and available off the shelf whilst others will be tailored to a specific customer demand, ranging from matching key properties of an existing wax and offering further process advantages or designing and formulating a wax material from scratch in order to meet a specific need or new requirement.

New Developments
  • Products specifically designed for turbine blade manufacture
  • Fast setting pattern wax materials
  • Reduced memory pattern wax
  • High fluidity wax materials
  • High filled wax materials
  • Unfilled wax materials

Other Products

  • Specialist Wax

    A full range of specialist wax products are included within the range. Adhesive Wax A range of products for the assembly of pattern parts either by hand or by automated equipment.  Repair

  • Wax Injection

    With a range of wax injection equipment and a purpose designed wax injection suite Blayson are able to supply injected wax runner and gating systems, typically Blayson will receive the