Blayson Ready for Brexit

By Matthew Williams In Uncategorised


October 2020

Since the UK vote in 2016 to leave the EU Blayson have been preparing for any operational changes with the primary purpose of eliminating any possible disruption to our valued Customers. The transition period after the UK left the EU will end on 31st December 2020 and so from 1st January 2021 the method in which the UK and EU trade will change with customs declarations being a requirement. In the meantime, the UK and EU will continue to negotiate a free trade agreement.

Blayson pride themselves on being a Global Company and this is demonstrated by our well established network of Blayson Global Partners and we are proudly represented in mainland Europe by the following companies, further details are available in the Contact section of this website.

  • IMC Belgium covering Belgium, France, Germany, and Netherlands
  • Intervienna covering Austria, Central and Eastern Europe
  • MH Consulting covering Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Luciano Minetti covering Italy
  • Comercial Quimica Masso covering Spain and Portugal

Within the EU, most Customers already order direct from their regional Blayson Global Partner and so Brexit will result in no change here with no need for Customers to concern themselves with any additional export and import formalities.

For Customers that order direct from Blayson we are offering the option to continue with this process, in which case some additional import processing will be required, or for the Customer to purchase from Blayson via our EU Partner IMC Belgium, which keeps the transaction within the EU and Blayson and IMC will handle all export and import formalities.

We do not anticipate any significant delays in shipping or hold ups at the ports, especially with the considerably reduced current demand on the network but to add an extra layer of security during the initial period Blayson are holding substantially higher levels of both raw material and finished wax product stock and will also hold finished wax product stock at our IMC Belgium warehouse where appropriate. Blayson are also offering Customers the option to hold buffer stock at their own facility on extended credit terms.

Blayson wax products are classified as chemical mixtures and so do not require REACH registrations themselves but the individual substances within the mixture do. Blayson have worked together with our raw material supply chain in recent years to establish dual supply of all key raw materials and to ensure that Blayson wax products and the components within them are fully EU REACH compliant. As UK REACH is rolled out all products will be fully compliant with the new requirements here.

In summary, there will be some changes to the way that the UK and EU trade from 1st January 2021, but this should not concern us and has in fact provided the opportunity to review and strengthen our supply chain, review all business operations and to solidify our relationships with our much valued EU Partners and Customers.

Blayson are committed that no Customer will experience a price increase as a direct result of Brexit and Blayson together with our Global Partners will continue to provide its high level of technical support to Customers either at the Customer site wherever possible or online if required.

We look forward to continuing to manufacture and supply high quality investment casting wax materials and to serving our Customers and the Global Investment Casting Market.


The Board of Directors – Blayson Olefines Ltd.